Dopamine 2022



Mazel Galerie is pleased to present “Dopamine”, an exhibition by American artist, Erik Minter. 

This marks Erik Minter’s first solo exhibition with Mazel Galerie and it will be on view from September 30th through October 29th, 2022. The gallery will host a reception for the artist on Thursday, September 29th from 5:00pm to 8:00pm.

Minter is known for his use of vibrant color combinations that weave between otherworldly graphical shapes and fluid splashes. His work combines abstraction with surreal figuration as he searches to capture the emotional feeling of an experience, evocative of dreams or nostalgia. While the compositions are somewhat planned out, his approach to painting is improvisational. Each piece is created with a combination of techniques which he considers to be more of a “set of tendencies”. These “tendencies” involve spraying, pouring, gesturing marks and masking in forms by “drawing” with tape.

“Dopamine” is, at its core, Minter’s exploration into the familiar unknown while conducting a balancing act between controlled design and spontaneity. Minter states that, “when unknowns are thrown into the mix it adds an element of chaos that has to be justified through visual compromises. A part of my work is about deconstructing predictability. If something becomes routine we risk losing that sense of excitement. Maybe it’s my way of visual thrill seeking?”. The juxtaposition of tangible forms with amorphous splashes of color moving together through space create a sense of perpetuity. When everything can feel so uncertain, Minter’s works offer a kind of “pick me up”, holding on to a moment to avoid the crash. He explores themes relating to social connections, disconnections and reconnections, depicting energies and objects interacting as they continuously seek that next dose of “Dopamine”.

For further information on available works please contact Mazel Galerie.