Limited Edition AR Sculpture

In Collaboration with UNIQUE BOARD

Pour Fello 
Augment Reality (AR Sculpture) by Erik Minter x UniqueBoard

Pour Fello

3D Augmented Reality Sculpture

Edition of 50

w/ unique hand signed/drawing

Limited Edition Prints

In Collaboration with StolenSpace Gallery, UK

When Will It Ever - Erik Minter Limited Edition prints

When Will It Ever…

A ‘Boundless Boundaries’ Edition

Limited Edition Prints

In Collaboration with Davis Editions

Joust - Artwork by Erik Minter
TRIPadviSr- Artwork by Erik Minter
MindBend- Artwork by Erik Minter
VOODOOMOOD - Artwork by Erik Minter


Selected & Mixed by Inland (Ed Davenport)

Album Cover Art: Erik Minter

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